Use Tech Team’s #741 Bed Glide Set to Adjust the Height of your Metal Bed Frame

If your bed frame is not the right height, it can affect your sleep. Your bed should be one of the most comfortable areas in your home. Not all bed frames are created the same so you might find yourself with what you thought was the perfect bedroom bed height only to realize your bed frame is too high to be comfortable. Bed sets have gotten increasingly higher over the years and this is not ideal for everyone. You should not have to twist or jump to get in and out of your bed every night. If your bed frame is too high you can do a hey Siri or hey Alexa Google search for some options to remedy the situation or you can use adjustable bed glides to get the desired result.

If your bed frame is too high you can follow several routes to find a more comfortable height and sleeping position. Very few bed frames are adjustable therefore, you need to be creative.  Some inexpensive metal bed frames like those made by Zinus or Malouf are specifically for low-sleeping. If that’s not a suitable height for you, you might have to bite the bullet and buy a new one. If the bed is too high and you decide to lower your bed frame, the first step should be to determine what kind of bed frame you have. There are several different kinds available, and the type will determine how to lower it, or if lowering it is possible. Your bed frame may be wood, metal, or upholstered. And it could be platform, canopy, poster, futon, or loft. If you have one of these special types of bed frames, the chances of lowering it yourself are not too good. Many bed frames are special and are not meant to be altered. However, many people have simple bed frames made of either metal or wood and sometimes these can be lowered. Modern beds are much higher than your parents’ bed. The perfect bed height is one that allows you to sit on the edge of the bed and have your feet on the floor with their knees at a right angle. This height will make getting in and out of bed the easiest. The average height for this perfect position is between 16 and 24 inches off the ground. That means the measurement from the floor all the way to the top of the highest mattress should fall within that range for most people. If you have an inexpensive metal bed frame the easiest way to adjust the height within a range of 2-5 inches is to use an adjustable bed glide. A good choice is Tech Team’s #741 4 piece set . Not only do these allow you to make height adjustments, they also have a hard, smooth 2” diameter pad that makes it easy to slide the bed across a carpeted floor. Installation is a snap, as they fit right into the sockets on the bottom of the bed foot.