Winter Storage for Kayaks

There are a lot of ways to over winter store your kayak or SUP. Wall racks for horizontal storage and upright racks for vertical storage work the best and are the easiest to deal with.

To get it right there are a few things to pay attention to. The first step in storing your kayak for long periods of time is to make sure it is clean and dry, both inside and out. Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards will have various drain plugs and bungs that can be opened for drainage. Draining will eliminate damage from water that expands when it is frozen. This way it is not necessary to store it in a climate-controlled environment. You should also remove any fabric materials like seat cushions or storage compartment covers as they can typically be machine-washed, but it’s always good to check manufacturer recommendations before doing so. It’s a good idea to wet the entire kayak with a mixture of warm water and a mild antibacterial detergent and use a sponge or scrub brush to thoroughly wash the kayak inside and out. Then rinse it thoroughly to remove all soap and residue then turn it over to drain remaining water. Finally, wipe it down with a dry towel and then leave it out in the sun for a few hours to dry completely. Make sure the kayak is dry before you store it. Keeping the temperature and humidity consistent in your garage or shed is a great way to extend the life of your kayak. This way it will look great when you want to take it out when the next season starts.

You should never store your kayak on a hard surface, or worse a surface that is both hard and uneven as kayaks are roto molded and if left on a hard surface for a long time they can develop dents and bends. The best ways to store a kayak is to get your kayak up and off the floor because them on a flat hard surface for an extended period can cause irreversible damage. If you have to store a kayak outside, make sure to store it either on its side or face down.


A wall mounted rack is the best way to store multiple kayaks in a garage without taking up any floor space. Just make sure you anchor it to the studs underneath the sheetrock so that the weight of the kayak(s) will be amply supported. You can store two or more kayaks on one section of wall using this storage technique.

There are several wall-mounted kayak racks available on Amazon such as those made by: RAD Sports, Wallmaster, Extreme Max,  Best Marine, and Tech Team   their number 765  rack set    is an absolute stand out product. It is easily the most robust, heavy-duty rack on the market, it  features meaty bumper pads and wide web straps with marine grade hardware for securing your boat. The main advantage of this storage solution is that it requires a one-time installation. It also gives you a consistent, strong location to store your kayaks every time you bring them home from a trip.


Kayaks can also be stored upright so that they don’t take up a lot of wall space. You’ll need a garage that’s at least as tall as the length of your boat. This is a relatively easy storage solution for because it only really requires a couple of straps and secure wall mounts where those straps can be anchored. You should always put a soft pad underneath the bow or stern  to prevent contact with a hard surface. Just like with the wall hooks, you’ll need to make sure you find studs when you’re installing the mounting hardware however, this less important for upright storage because the majority of the weight will be resting on the bow or stern as opposed to  the weight being supported by a wall-mounted rack or overhead suspension system, the straps used in upright storage simply need to keep your kayak from tipping over. The main benefit of any wall-mounted storage solution over a rack installation is that it takes up less space when your kayaks aren’t in the garage and fewer obstacles once you’ve moved your kayaks out. When it comes to upright racking systems, there is really only one that stands out and gets the job done, and that’s Tech Team’ #774  .  This has all the bells and whistles is rock solid and easy to install.