Raise a Bed Frame for Storage or Stability Tech Team’s #782 Set is a Top Choice

Many people pay little attention to bed height. Since the height of your bed can affect how easily you get in and out of bed, your bed needs to be adjusted to a comfortable level that suits your age, height, and health status. Raising beds with bed risers is beneficial to ease the transition into and out of bed, especially for elderly people and people with back problems. Bed risers can also be used to raise only the front or the back of a bed frame; this can be helpful for people with medical conditions such as indigestion and acid reflux, and for those recovering from surgery. Inexpensive metal bed frames are not supplied with risers or casters. Therefore, you need aftermarket risers to get your bed to the right height to suit your needs. You can do a hey Alexa or hey Siri search to try to find something better and they might suggest cinder blocks or a stack of books but, at the end of the day, risers are the best solution. Raising your bed by a few inches could be a practical solution for a number of reasons. For example, you may want to raise your bed so you can sit comfortably on the edge of the mattress or have extra storage space underneath. If you have limited mobility, you may also want to raise your bed to help you get in and out more easily. A bed riser is a safe and sturdy furniture accessory that will add extra height to a bed while increasing the storage space underneath. Bed risers measure between one and twelve inches tall and are available in plastic, wood or steel and come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They differ in terms of durability and weight capacity, and the total weight they’re intended to support combines the weight of the bed frame, the mattress, the box spring, and the people sharing the bed.

Bed risers are designed for beds that have legs. Each bed riser has a socket into which each bedpost, or metal bed foot, can set into. Use measuring tape to measure the current space under the bed. Then, estimate how much height they need to support. If you have specific items that you need to store, like suitcases or totes, under the bed, measure their heights to know how tall they are and how much space they need to fit. Bed risers usually come in a set of six. Select the size that matches your height needs and make sure that the risers have enough weight capacity to support the bed and everything that lies on top of it. To install, elevate one of the bed’s legs and align it with the socket in the riser making sure that the bed risers match the diameter of the legs. Now lower the leg so that it slips into the socket securely. Repeat step 3 and step 4 for each of the remaining legs. A good 6 piece set of inexpensive, but sturdy, riser set is Tech Team’s #782  https://techteamproducts.com/product/5-inch-bed-riser-6-pieces-00782/  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VN6T1X1?ref=myi_title_dp   6 piece 5 inch high set. The risers offer solid and stable support and are designed to make a perfect fit to bed feet with the  ½”  sockets found on almost all inexpensive steel bed frames like those made by Zinus and Mellow.