How to be a Green Gardener

Home gardeners can do their part to protect against climate change. They see the effects of various gardening practices right in their own backyard with soil types, erosion due to harsher weather, and fewer pollinators due to overuse of chemical insecticides. But, it’s not too late; as a green gardener you can improve your own little piece of heaven. Here are some of the things you can pay attention to:





* Muscle Power – Try to use tools that don’t use gas or electricity whenever you can. Hand tools and your own bare hands are better for the environment and your garden than gas-powered tools that add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

* Plant vegetable seedlings for food and daffodils and tulips for beauty. The ideal tools to use for this are Tech Team’s #776, 777 , and 778 bulb planters. You could do a hey Alexa or hey Siri Google search for other ideas or check out this you tube video:

* Enrich your Soil – Your most important ingredient for gardening is using the right soil for the plants that you want to grow. Do not use synthetic ingredients in your soil. Plants take CO2 from the air and turn it into starches and sugar. This combines with other types of carbon which then turns into a plant that people and animals eat.

* Actively Compost. The one thing you really want to do to practice as a climate-friendly gardener is to compost. To accomplish this, you simply need an aerator, air, water, the sun, and organic material. You may need a hand cultivator or fork, a screener, and something to collect kitchen waste in to help.

* Use an Electric Mower – A gas-powered mower puts too much carbon dioxide into the air and should not be used by the green gardener. Therefore, look for electric mowers because they are healthier for the environment. As an alternative use a push mower. If you really want to impact the environment positively, a manual push mower will work best. It’s good for the grass too because it cuts it differently than other types of mowers, with less damage.