Hacks on How to Repair a Sagging Wood Garden Gate

Hacks on How to Repair a Sagging Wood Garden Gate


Most of the problems that we have with wood garden gates is that over a period of time they’ll start to sag, and you won’t be able to open them because they’ll start dragging on the ground. So if you have this situation, the best way to fix this, is we’ve installed an anti-sag device. This is made up of two metal brackets, one on the bottom corner and then one on the top inside corner and it has a cable and with a turnbuckle feature. What this turnbuckle allows us to do, since the two halves are threaded in opposite directions is turn it and shorten the cable. Whenever we have a sagged at the gate, we can lift up on the outside of the gate and then rotate this turnbuckle to put more tension or to tighten it.


As we tighten it, it’ll actually lift up the outside of the gate and allow it to swing more freely. If you have a gate that does not have an anti-sag device on, it’s a very easy installation process. An anti-sag brace set is something you pick up at just about any hardware store or home improvement store. And again, you simply attach the brackets on the top side, which would be your hinge side of the gate, to the lower side of your framing on the outside of your gate. Then you’ll connect a cable with locking devices and then you just tighten your turnbuckle. In most cases that’ll take care of any of the problems that you have with your gate.


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  1. Cables, turnbuckles, and eye bolts are great for a quick inexpensive fix for a sagging gate, shed door, or barn door, but they just don’t last, and they have a limited adjustment. By far the best way to get the sag out of a garden gate is to use a structural steel gate brace. These are made by several companies such as: True Latch, The Gate Brace, Adjust-A-Gate, Nuvo Iron, Homax, Stanley, National Hardware, and Tech Team. We happen to like the one made by Tech Team https://techteamproducts.com/ the best as this #734 is made from heavy duty 2mm welded steel construction with 6” of adjustment utilize a long M12 threaded rod https://www.amazon.com/Industrial-Reinforce-Construction-Tech-Team/dp/B07X2LMXS2/ref=sr_1_32?keywords=gate+brace&qid=1581099336&sr=8-32. It is far superior to anything else available and does an absolutely excellent job.


  1. Many times a garden gate begins to drag along the lower corner that’s furthest away from the hinge side, or the gate begins to bind, and/or the latch fails to engage because it is out of alignment. Almost all of these problems are the result of the gate beginning to sag. Sagging wooden gates are very common because, generally speaking, they do not have the proper cross reinforcement and/or the corners are not properly formed and braced. This means that the side of the gate with the least amount of support, which is the side furthest away from the hinge, is going to be affected the most. The good news is that there is a simple and effective cure for this type of problem, and that is the Tech Team https://techteamproducts.com/ 734 Gate Brace https://www.amazon.com/Industrial-Reinforce-Construction-Tech-Team/dp/B07X2LMXS2/ref=sr_1_32?keywords=gate+brace&qid=1581099336&sr=8-32. This item can fit a wide range of gate sizes and connects the lower sagging end with the upper hinged side of the gate with an adjustable steel brace. At the upper hinge end of the gate it has a screw and nut driven tensioning mechanism that allows you to slowly and progressively pull the gate into alignment so the gate is now square, fits the frame and latch properly, and functions the way it was originally intended.