What Is the Most Comfortable Inexpensive Mattress?

What Is the Most Comfortable Inexpensive Mattress?

We didn’t come up with any special algorithm or formula to determine this list. We just did a simple Hey Alexa and Hey Siri search to get some ideas. We’re just average people that care about our sleep, and the good thing is we’re all quite different. We all have different body types and different sleep preferences. So given that, we think overall it’s pretty representative for the larger population. Let me just add that none of the brands paid us. The one criteria we did have is that in order to be considered budget a queen size mattress would have to retail below $700 and since a lot of the companies almost always have some sort of deal or discount running we that into account.



  • Taking the number four spot on this list is Eve https://www.evesleep.co.uk/ and the good news is here that they regularly run some sort of special or discount. And we’ve seen their queen size as low as $549. Overall it even reminds us a lot of Casper which is a bed we like a lot. It’s got a very similar cover and it feels awfully similar as well. It’s got the memory foam feel but we do think it’s slightly firmer than Casper coming in at just over five on our firmness scale. So with a score like that we obviously think this mattress strikes a pretty good balance between being soft and supportive. It’ll be good for side, back, and stomach sleepers, as well as combo sleepers that rotate between all three positions throughout the night. Nothing special in terms of keeping you cool. We’d say It’s temperature neutral but it is good at limiting motion transfer, it’s pretty much nonexistent. Overall at under $550 we think Eve is a pretty good value. If you like Casper, or you’re thinking about getting a Casper, but you do not want to pay those prices, Eve is a solid alternative.


  • At number three is the Love and Sleep Mattress from Nest bedding https://www.nestbedding.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Nest%20Bedding%C2%AE%20%2F%20Branded&utm_term=nest%20bedding&utm_content=em%5BNestBedding%5D. The price for a queen is $599. And unfortunately, Nest doesn’t seem to offer many discounts and just for reference we tested out the medium firm option. They also offer a firmer option. Now the Love and Sleep reminds us a heck of a lot of the mattress that actually ended up taking our number two spot on the list. So we’ll get to that in a minute. But regardless we like the Love and Sleep mattress a lot. It’s comfortable, sinking is minimal, and you don’t get that stuck in the mud feeling whatsoever. It doesn’t have that traditional memory foam feel which may or may not be preferable depending on your personal preference. Overall though we give it about a 5.75 on our firmness scale. So it’s the most supportive bed we have on this list. It’s definitely better for stomach and back sleepers and at the end of the day it will still work for side sleepers. It’s just not ideal. Now the primary reason we put it ahead of Zinus and Eve is that we feel it sleeps slightly cooler than those two. Overall if you’re a strict back or stomach sleeper, and you’re on a budget, the Love and Sleep may be right for you.


  • Number two on the list is Tuft and Needle https://www.tuftandneedle.com/ and as I alluded to earlier, the Tuft and Needle mattress and the Love and Sleep mattress are very similar in our opinion. The Tuft mattress doesn’t have that traditional memory foam feel either. However, we give the mattress a 5.5 out of 10 on our firmness scale. So we think it’s slightly softer and thus more accommodating for side sleepers than the Love and Sleep, and then the other reason why we have Tuft a spot higher is that it’s slightly more affordable at $575 for a queen. Overall Tuft and Needle is one of the best values out there. Look there’s a reason why on Amazon they have a 4.5 star rating with over 10,000 reviews. It’s just a solid bed in pretty much all aspects. And before we get to the number one bed on this list here’s a couple honorable mentions. First is Ghost bed https://www.ghostbed.com/ which reminds us a lot of Casper and Eve. It’s just a little more expensive than Eve coming in at $695 for a queen after discount. Next is Nola https://www.nolahmattress.com/?utm_source=sourceknowledge&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=6954B&utm_content=zca_6954_178235_64648 mattress. It’s very soft and we think it’s a top five bed for side sleepers. It just didn’t crack the list because a queen size is $749 after discount which falls just outside of our price criteria.


  • But overall, we think the best budget bed in the box mattress out there is Nectar https://www.nectarsleep.com/mattress?msclkid=a4cd55f56be21fd021d0087c689f0dc1&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PS-Brand-Nectar%20Mattress%20%5BBrand%5D&utm_term=nectar%20mattress&utm_content=Nectar%20Mattress&dclid=CPrnvs2-5-QCFcRCDAodyeEEnQ. They offer a 365 day risk free trial and a lifetime warranty. Both of which beat industry standards. A queen size is $670 after discount. Overall, we are big fans of this mattress. In fact, it’s the only mattress on this list that also cracked our top five overall list. Nectar definitely has that memory foam feel but it’s a unique memory foam feel. Yes, it’s soft, it’s very comfortable, but it also provides a surprising amount of support with barely any sinking edge. We give it a 5.5 on our firmness scale. The mattress is ideal for back, stomach, side, and combo slippers and just has a really nice balance to it. Overall, we’d say it’s temperature neutral and motion transfer is very, very limited. Bottom line in our eyes Nectar is a Tier 1 mattress with a very reasonable price tag. If you like that memory foam feel but you don’t want it too soft to where you feel like you’re sinking in, Nectar is the way to go. So that’s it.


Now that you’ve chosen the perfect comfortable mattress that’s going to give you a solid 8 hours of sleep every night, it’s time to choose the bed frame. There of course are many types of bed frames to choose from, but the mattress store will probably have one standard inexpensive steel frame that fits twin, double, queen and king. It’s basically an expandable affair left to right to accommodate the increased width as most mattresses are the same height (except California kings) with different widths. The basic frame you are going to get from the store is going to be constructed from steel and when you get home and you get the frame set up and you put on your box spring and your mattress, and then you go to attach a headboard, you are going to find that the frame is too short. You have a choice, you can attach a headboard or a footboard to the brackets at one end. If you want to have both a headboard and a footboard, it is necessary to purchase an extension set. This is a fairly common set of steel brackets that closely match the finish of the bed frame, and is sold in a pair, one left, one right, and includes all necessary hardware. These are made by several companies such as Antrader, Kutir, Desunia, Buyer’s Connection, Hafele America, Richohome, Ronin, and Tech Team https://techteamproducts.com/. We happen to like Tech Team’s item 712 Bed Frame Extension Set https://www.amazon.com/Extension-Bedframe-Headboard-Footboard-Hardware/dp/B07CRM2MWJ/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3G1E1O244Z4MR&keywords=bed+frame+extension&qid=1560257548&s=gateway&sprefix=bed+frame+extension%2Caps%2C189&sr=8-5. This clever extension unit easily attaches to all the frames that we surveyed and provides a solid secure mount for either headboards or footboards.