Base Cabinet Installation Tips

Base Cabinet Installation Tips

Now that you’ve installed your aristocrat or Ikea wall cabinets, you’re ready to do the base cabinets. The process is similar.


I will walk you through the steps needed to successfully install your base cabinets, arrange your base cabinets in position and make sure they are all level square and plumb. Remove all shelving, drawers and doors as this will make the cabinets lighter and easier to handle. To help you match up doors, drawers and shelves for later mark or carefully stack them in position. You may need to create cut outs for plumbing and electrical junction boxes therefore measure and mark. Accurately cut holes from the back of the cabinet using an Irwin hole saw before mounting to the wall. Start with the corner cabinet if there is one place it in position where it is to be mounted. Make sure your cabinet reaches the 34 ½ inch high level line you drew on the wall while preparing your space. If not, you may have to shift it into position or use shims to raise it to the proper level. If the cabinet is tilting backward, shims under the back edge will help. If it’s tilting forward, use a pry bar under the front to adjust and then shim. Pry bars are incredibly handy. They can be used for a wide range of both automotive and around the home repairs and construction projects. They can be used for scraping, for lifting tile, for leveling windows and doors when newly installed, and a whole range of other applications. Pry bars are made by numerous companies such as Tekton, Stanley, Snap On, Mayhew, ANB, Performance Tool, Gear Wrench, and Tech Team The one we like the best is Tech Teams model 707 5pc. Pry Bar Set as it has 5 different sizes, each one made from high tensile heat treated carbon steel with a comfortable and functional plastic grip. Since you’ve already located and marked the wall studs now measure from the corner to the first stud mark and transfer the measurement to the inside of the cabinet. You can find similar tools at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Harbor Freight.


Air wedges are tools that are extremely helpful when leveling and aligning items such as pool tables, kitchen cabinets, and other items that require very small increments of movement to get them properly aligned and level. An air wedge incorporates a large surface area that can easily inflate using low pressure air from a hand bulb so it can lift 300-400 pounds. An air wedge with an internal stiffener so it can slide into small spaces is even more useful. Air wedges are made by several manufacturers such as: Vinki, Rhino, Calculted Industries, Arisd, Winbag, and Tech Team We like the one made by Tech Team the best. Their #755 Air Wedge it has the internal stiffener and is made from high quality plastic for a long service life


Repeat this step for every stud. Now use a Ryobi or Dewalt variable speed, reversible rechargeable drill to drill 7/32 inch mounting holes through the center of the hanging rail inside the cabinet and fasten the cabinet to the wall with number 10 by 2 ½ inch drywall attachment screws. Next shim the adjacent cabinet into position and check to see that it’s level and plumb. Clamp the face frames when they are perfectly flush drill 3/32 inch pilot holes and join the two cabinets with number 8 by 2 ½ inch attachment screws. Continue this process until all cabinets are in place, make sure that each cabinet is resting at the 34 ½ inch line on the wall and level and plumb with each adjacent cabinet. Also make sure to screw cabinets to each other at the face frame before screwing to the wall. The final step is to add fillers between the last cabinet and the wall. Refer to your designer’s layout for location and dimension. You are now one step closer to your final goal. Your new kitchen.


I’ve done my best to show you the way I would do this project. However, there are many ways to skin the cat. Therefore, a Hey Siri or Hey Alexa search for how to install kitchen base cabinets might give you a few ideas.