Wall Organization for Fun

Wall Organization for Fun


Even if you have smaller rooms, you may just be able to maximize your wall space and make the most out of it for storage purposes. With families growing in leaps and bounds, and their stuff growing along with it, there is always a need for more space and walls are great candidates.


Use the Walls and the Ceilings too


If you have smaller children, you will know that the smaller child has smaller stuff and the older child has bigger stuff. Where to put it all is the question. Look to your walls for some real space-saving ideas that will help.


One great way to save space is to utilize every spot on your walls and incorporate the ceilings as well. Netting for stuffed animals placed on an angle in the corner of a room, gives a special space for your child’s best friends. This also offers the opportunity not to keep too many stuffed animals close to your child just in case there is an allergy involved. Many parents do not realize the dust that accumulates in these stuffed animals, so having a spot all of their own is a great idea.


Hang pots and pans from the ceilings and overhead racks in kitchens as well. Not only will you have more wall space for other storage ideas, but you will also feel like a fancy, first class chef.


Cork Boards


Rather than a simple corkboard, you can cover your corkboard in any material that would work for you and color coordinate it with a room’s décor. Placing criss-crossed ribbons and thumbtacks will hold the ribbon in place. This offers you a catch-all for recipe cards that you use often.


Once you have copied all your favorite recipes onto an index card, you can then pass the recipe book onto someone else. This allows you to organize your recipes, have them within easy reach, and do it decoratively. It also frees up much-needed countertop space.




Shelving comes in so many varieties, shapes, and sizes, it is impossible not to find or even to make the ones that work best for you. Shadow box shelving, ladder style, or traditional shelving all serve purposes in every room of your home. Once you paint and decorate them according to your taste and the style of the room, you are home free. One of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing shelf hanging options is to use a floating shelf. You of course can make the necessary fixtures for a floating shelf out of wood but the strength and ability to hold weight of these is going to be limited to the strength at the connection point between the lateral piece and the extensions that hold the shelf. If you want to make really strong floating shelves, or hidden shelves as they are known, you need to use welded steel floating shelf mounting brackets. These brackets are made by a number of companies such as Dakoda Lane, BigTeddy, Urban Railroad Company, Del Huston Designs, Walnut Word Works, Pipe Décor and Tech Team https://techteamproducts.com/. Tech Team makes three different varieties of this bracket and quite frankly we like them the best because theirs are clearly the strongest. They all include a 3mm thick lateral. solidly welded to that lateral are ¾”/ 20mm extensions that actually engage the shelf. This is in comparison to the 5/8” extensions available on any competitors. This is what really sets them apart. Their item 729 is a 3 prong 32” bracket https://www.amazon.com/Tech-Team-Floating-Bracket-Heavy-Duty/dp/B07G1GT662/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&qid=1544212238&sr=8-26&keywords=tech+team. Their item 730 is an 18” 3 prong bracket https://www.amazon.com/TECH-TEAM-Floating-Bracket-Construction/dp/B07G1KJ6S6/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1539526505&sr=8-5&keywords=tech+team+floating and their item 731 is a set of 2 6” single prong brackets (link). This gives you a wide range of options for mounting any number of super strong floating shelves.


You have something that looks good and serves a purpose too.


Hooks and Ladders


Coat hooks can be used for keys, aprons, jewelry, scarves and just about anything else you can think of. And a small, graduated shelf that resembles a ladder is not only decorative, but useful as well.


When it comes to walls, the sky is the limit for organization.