Fun Backyard Activities for Adults

Fun Backyard Activities for Adults


When most of us think of backyard activities, children and teenagers come to mind.  While children may enjoy being outside, they are not the only individuals who enjoy participating in backyard activities.  In fact, many adults also enjoy being outside in their yards.  Whether you are retreating your backyard alone or with some friends, you may want to think of some fun or relaxing backyard activities. This can easily be done by examining some of the most popular backyard activities, especially those that are designed with adults in mind.


As previously mentioned, many adults use their backyards to relax. If you are looking to do this, you may want to examine your backyard or patio furniture.  The furniture that you have available may make it possible, or even impossible, to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in your yard.  Popular furniture, used to help achieve relaxation, may include lounge chairs or hammocks.  If you do not have any comfortable lawn or patio furniture, you may want to consider purchasing some.  Most, on and offline retail stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Target, carry a fairly large selection of patio furniture.


Although many adults use their backyards as a source of relaxation, others use it for excitement.  If you are looking for fun backyard activities, there are literally an unlimited number of things that you can do. These activities may include playing sports games, going for a swim, or having a barbeque.  All of these backyard activities are ideal for individuals of all ages, especially adults.


If you are interested in playing sports games in your backyard, you will have to think about the games that you would be interested in playing. You may also want to examine whether or not you would be playing alone or with someone else. If you are interested in playing a game by yourself, basketball or a singles game of horseshoes may be ideal. In addition to being ideal for singles games, horseshoes and basketball are also great games for when more than one player is participating.  Additional multiplayer games may include soccer, football, tennis, badminton, corn hole, or volleyball. Corn hole is the neatest, newest, most popular back yard game. What this consists of is bean bags which are thrown onto a deck that is angled and has holes in it. Each hole can have a different score and/or just being able to get the bean bag into any hole scores as a point. Typically, there are two corn hole boards set opposed to each other at a distance that can be adjusted depending on the skill level and age of the participants. For teenagers and young people with a good arm and a good eye, 50-60 ft. may be appropriate, but for toddlers and young children 5-10 ft. might be the correct distance. After all, the object of the game is to get satisfaction from getting the bag to drop into the hole. In order to maintain this level of enthusiasm, the distance must be adjusted according to the needs of the participants. Corn hole games can be bought online or at retailers such as Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, or Target. However, if you are handy and have some basic tools, they are relatively easy to build. It is simply a matter of constructing a frame and legs so that the frame is held at the appropriate angle.  The only tough spot that needs a special tool is the hole. In order to make the correct 6” diameter hole the appropriate tool to use is a 150mm/ 6” diameter hole saw. These can be bought from numerous companies such as Klein, Stanley, Go Sports, Blue Boar, Hole Pro, Eliseo, Dewalt, and Tech Team We have found the Tech Team item 756 to be absolutely perfect. It is available online from Amazon, has the perfect diameter, and the perfect number of teeth per inch to make smooth efficient cuts on the plywood deck. In addition, it has an arbor with a drill bit so that the hole can be perfectly centered, and then cut through by using a simple and easy to obtain 3/8” variable speed power drill.


The above-mentioned games are ideal because just about everyone one can participate in them.  Most backyards are able to accompany a number of different backyard sports games.  However, to go swimming, you will have to have a pool.  Even though pools are popular, not everyone has one. If you are unable to have an in-ground or an aboveground pool installed in your backyard, a kiddie pool maybe a nice alternative.  While kiddie pools are designed with small children in mind, they are great for wading in hot weather, even for adults.


A barbeque is another backyard activity that is enjoyed by many adults.  Since most households already have a grill, you may not have to purchase anything besides your food.  If you do not have a barbeque grill, many small ones can be purchased for around twenty dollars.  Barbeques are great backyard activities, all on their own, but they also work well in conjunction with swimming or other outdoor activities.


In addition to enjoying, the above mentioned, popular backyard activities for adults, you may also want to make up your own.  Whether you create your own unique game or stick to traditional backyard games, it is likely that you will be pleased with your decision to entertain yourself outside.  There are many adults that just enjoy being outside, even if they are not participating in anything particular.