Preparing for House Painting Is One of The Most Important Steps

Preparing for House Painting Is One of The Most Important Steps


When painting our houses, one very important thing that we should never miss is preparing the paint that will be applies to your house. This step is so important that it would affect the overall quality of the work done depending on how you would do this. While having your house painted over is the real deal, housing paint preparation would justify the outcome.


That is why it is very important that you would never skimp this part. Having paint well prepared will lead to a good outcome if you do everything right. If you are a novice painter or if you have never painted anything before, here are some guidelines that would help you with that issue


Clean Up


Before anything else, you should of course clean up whatever it is that you are about to paint. If it is a bedroom, you should clear it of everything inside like the clothes in a closet. If the things are not quite easy to take out, you would have to make sure that paint does not reach them, that is you should secure these things with some drop cloth and some tape.


While everything is secured, you also have to make sure that the area of which you are about to paint is free of dust and dirt. That is you should mop and sweep everything that you will clean. A dirty surface area can affect the color of paint, especially if it is white and more to that, the texture can also be quite bumpy if the surface area is dirty.


Fix Things


After things are clean, you should start fixing things. If your walls and ceiling are quite old, then you should see some cracks or holes in it already which is probably the reason why you need to repaint it. In painting your house, you have to fix these first before painting. A pry bar is also indispensable for scraping out old caulking and for leveling base cabinets. There are several manufacturers of these such as Tekton, Stanley, Snap On, Mayhew, ANB, Performance Tool, Gear Wrench and Tech Team We like Tech Team’s #707 5 Piece Pry Bar set You know that the main goal of painting is to give your house a brand new look but if there are holes or cracks present, your house would not look anything like it.


When fixing these, you can fill the gaps with your favorite filler which they would probably sell at stores that would sell paint. These fillers come in either fiberglass and are not really that expensive. Put just enough to fill in the gaps and wait for them to dry. After this, you are one step closer to painting your house.


Final Preparations


So everything is cleaned up and everything is fixed, you might be asking just what exactly is next. Basically, there is no next step; you just have to review the work you have done. Check for nails that are used for hole frames on the wall and make sure you remove them if you intend to paint the area where they are present. For those cracks and holes that you filled up with filler, make sure you first sand them up until the surfaces are even with the rest of the wall.


After that, check for more uneven surfaces on the wall and fix them accordingly. If everything would seem right already, then you are ready to begin painting. Always remember to start painting if and only if things are already completely ready, painting would take a lot and you would not want to paint now and realize that you forgot to prepare something and start all over again.


In house painting, house painting preparation is one of the keys to giving your house that professional look.