Choosing the Right House Painting Supplies and Tools Is the First Step

Choosing the Right House Painting Supplies and Tools Is the First Step


In house painting, labor is just one of the many things you must consider. Another very important thing you must take important notice of is the house painting supplies and tools. This is because these are your means of getting to your goal, especially if you will paint your house yourself. You have to know what supplies you need, what tools you should have and learn how to choose from them.


You have to make sure that all supplies and tools are complete and that you get what you have even before you start painting. Just as your house needs materials for it to be constructed, your house needs tools and supplies in order for it to get painted.


The most basic material you will need would of course be paint but aside from that, you will need much more than just paint.


Important Painting Tools


To have paint applied to the surface, you would need to have something as a medium for it to be applied, which is the painting tool. These come in a wide variety and you can choose what you want depending on how much you can afford or what you prefer. The most basic painting tool is the paintbrush. Although a lot of people no longer use this anymore for painting walls and ceilings, this is best used when painting areas that would need closer attention such as window and door frames.


If you can afford it, you can have a paint sprayer. This works just like a spray wherein the layer of paint is evenly sprayed onto a surface. While this is the fastest and most effective way to get the job done, this is also the most expensive. A cheaper option would be the use of rollers; most people who paint their houses themselves nowadays commonly use this.


A pry bar is also indispensable for scraping out old caulking and for leveling base cabinets. There are several manufacturers of these such as Tekton, Stanley, Snap On, Mayhew, ANB, Performance Tool, Gear Wrench and Tech Team We like Tech Team’s #707 5 Piece Pry Bar set


Painting Supplies


Painting supplies does not only mean the paint involved but rather everything you would be using when you are having your house painted. Part of this is what you will be using so that other parts of your house will not get paint on them too. For this, you just have to secure a few objects. You will need some masking tape, drop cloth and duct tape.


You will use the cloth to cover the areas that you don’t want the paint to be in and use some tape to seal it and so that it doesn’t move. If you have this, you will only have to secure a few more objects in order for you to be complete


Cleaning Supplies


After you paint your house clean, what happens next? Aside from you wait for the paint to dry, you would have to clean a lot of things, this of which would be made possible for you by cleaning supplies. While you would use drop cloth and tape so that the paint won’t go to some parts, it cannot be avoided at times that paint would still smear some parts of the house. To fix this, you can use some paint removers.


Paint thinner is the most commonly used cleaning supply to fix this situation. Thinner can also be used to clean brushes, although some people would prefer specialty brush cleaners since thinners are thought to damage brushes if used to clean them after quite some time.


With those things at hand, you might also have some paint on your hands after doing the job. Fortunately, these can be cleaned easily with some hand cleaners.