House Painting Tools for A More Efficient Outcome

House Painting Tools for A More Efficient Outcome


Everyone needs to paint their houses every once in a while, and with that, a lot of us would opt to paint houses ourselves. You know that this task in definitely uneasy and it would take up a lot of your time and so much effort. Depending on what house painting tools you have, you can actually make the job easier.


There are 4main groups of tools, the preparation tools, the brush, the roller and the sprayer. All of these tools work differently but they all serve the purpose which is to paint the house. Depending on what you can afford or what you would prefer, you can avail of any of these tools.


A pry bar is also indispensable for scraping out old caulking and for leveling base cabinets. There are several manufacturers of these such as Tekton, Stanley, Snap On, Mayhew, ANB, Performance Tool, Gear Wrench and Tech Team We like Tech Team’s #707 5 Piece Pry Bar set


The Paint Brush


Paint brushes are commonly thought to be the old-fashioned way of painting things, but actually it is not all that. Paintbrushes come in all shapes and sizes all of which would suit different ways of painting things. The bristles of the brush would either be made of animal hair or of synthetic bristles. For most brushes, the synthetic bristled are more commonly used.


While the paintbrush can paint a house, it is not very much used now because there are much faster ways of painting such as the air spray and the roller. However, the paint brush is still preferred over other ways of painting especially those of which you would have to pay attention when it comes to details such as fences, door frames and window frames.


The Roller


Just like brushes are, paint rollers also come in many forms. This is preferred over brushes when it comes to painting walls because it does the job much faster and is very effective in doing it. The strokes produced by brushes are more even as to if you brush your surfaces manually. The thing here is that, you cannot use rollers to paint small details.


Some would prefer this over air brushes because it is much cheaper and is still effective in doing the job. This is still popular and even professional house painters still use this.


If you want fancy patterns, like those some people would put in children’s bedrooms, some rollers would come in patterns. If you want a mix of colors and not just one color, some rollers are made to creatively put several colors together and paint them in your wall nicely.


The Air Brush


Out of all the options, the air brush is the fastest way to do the job. While that is so, the quality comes with a price monetarily speaking. This is also the most expensive way of doing the job as the equipment needed is reasonably expensive. While that is so, this is also considered to produce the best quality of work as compared to other tools.


If you can afford it, it is definitely worth it. This is getting more popular as a lot of professional house painters have this as a basic house painting tool. This can be used to paint virtually anything from ceilings to walls and those which require more concentration such as those with small details.


Whatever tools you wish to choose, what really matters is what you get after you apply it and if you are comfortable using it. The tool after all, is only your means of getting to your goal.