How to Assemble a Typical China Made Queen Bed Frame

How to Assemble a Typical China Made Queen Bed Frame

Today I’m going to tell you how to assemble a queen size bed frame. This is going to be a five legged frame, which is important because you’re gonna have five points of contact to the floor. A lot of frames are only going to have 4 so obviously 5 is going to be a little bit better for a more supportive surface for your mattress. There are 3 main pieces. You’re going to have your set of supports and the two side pieces. First put on the legs and the feet. You just very easily just pop these are on. You can see this is the queen size because it’s the outer most adjustment.  There is the queen, then the full, and finally the twin size.


We already installed the legs. Find the little holes and there are pieces of steel, and a little knobs that pop out here, and you just pull it tight and it locks into place. When we’ve got one side completed, we line the other side. Sometimes to be able to square the frame up, what I like to do when I’m assembling these is sometimes I go all the way to the wall, nice and easy, and you just square it up. Sometimes when you put it together it can be shifted to the right or the left so this just helps you square it up. The best way is to measure the diagonals and make sure they are equal.


Now we are ready to assemble one of the legs. There are pedestal end legs that come in the middle, and you’ll see when you have this frame nice and tight, there’s a hole right in the top, and you’re going to use a bolt where it goes through, and we just screw that in there. Sometimes it takes a minute to kind of find those threads. But when you’re done with that, you just spin this leg to tighten it. You’re not going to need a tool for this and you can tighten this down nice and easy. Do the same thing with the end piece.  To make sure this is tight across you can line that up to the hole in there, pop the bolt in, and tighten that up. When you hand tighten it you’re actually using the leg and you can just wrench it down and make it nice and tight, which is important.  Now for the last piece you’re going to have the center support bar. And you just line it up with the mounting holes. You will also need metric hex key wrenches to tighten up the bolts for the final assembly. These are made by Stanley, Irwn, Klein, Tekton, and Tech Team We chose the Tech Team 3 pc. Hex Key Set because of its high quality, ergonomic grips, metric, SAE inch, and torx wrenches.


Here’s where you will need a tool. This set comes from China so you’re going to use the metric system. So you’re just gonna use a wrench. Sometimes I would suggest using an adjustable wrench or crescent wrench. That might be easier for you. You have this top bolt, you slide it in this hole here, very easy. There is going to be a nut and washer on this bottom side. And we’re just going to tighten that up. Just get it snug where it’s hand tightened. Take your wrench and tighten that up. You may not want to tighten it as tight as can be until you get the bolt through the other side. That way if you do need to just shift it or adjust it just a little bit, it makes it easier. We’re going to come back towards the end and we’ll tighten everything down one final time. You place a washer on the bottom side, thread on the nut, and tighten that. Take your wrench and tighten that baby down.


I know some of the bolts you don’t have to use a wrench which can be convenient. But you know I got to tell you if you are using an actual bolt and a nut to really get this nice and tight, it does help where the frame is and can have any shifting. Sometimes you’ll have this where it’s just floating on the inside of the center support beam, and you go through a shift in your mattress, or your frame you’re moving it around a room sometimes they can shift and they’ll start to bend, because it’s not in there as tight as it should be. So it may be a few extra steps and it takes a little bit more time, but in the long run it’s actually a benefit to lock your frame in place and have it nice and tight.


The one convenient feature you may want to add to the frame is caster wheels which will make moving the bed much easier. There are several good bed wheel caster sets from companies such as: Home Paradise, Leggett and Platt, King’s Brand, Kinos, KHome, and Tech Team We chose the Tech Team’s because of it’s high quality and locking feature.