Do you really want to assemble another new office chair?

If you are anything like me, you’d rather fix your equipment than spend the money and time to build a new one because one part is broken.

Think back to when you first got your current office chair…

You brought the box inside, found a nice open area to lay out all the pieces – cushions, arms, base, casters, dozens of little screws and a cheap little tool to put it all together.

The directions are in this giant packet and pictures with words in 6 different languages.

Then you start the assembly process. This piece here, that piece there and after more than an hour and a lot of aggravation, it is finally together.

You are relieved it is finally done and you hope the chair will be comfortable and work as advertised for as long as possible.

It works great – it’s comfortable, raises and lowers, and rolls well… for a while.

One day you sit down, and it doesn’t roll like it should. You try to figure out why and see that one of the cheap plastic casters that came with the chair is broken. Your mind instantly goes back to the chair assembly process and how frustrating it was. There has to be a way to fix it without getting another new chair…

That’s where the

  • Tech Team Office Chair Caster Wheel Set[end link] comes in.

    You can avoid the hassle of putting together a new chair and just replace the casters. It is far less expensive and saves you plenty of time and aggravation.

    All you have to do is replace the original set with Tech Team’s high-quality polyurethane casters. These wheels are made from durable material made to last. The wheels are a far better alternative to the standard cheap ones that came with the chair.

    Tech Team’s Wheel Set are a step above the original casters:

    • No more plastic floor mat – these wheels roll easily on standard flooring including carpet and vinyl without damaging the floor.
    • Durable – made from high impact polyurethane and steel, they are built to last.
    • Simple installation process – so easy that you’ll want to come back and replace the rest of your chairs with the Tech Team’s Office Chair Casters.

    There is a downside to the Tech Team casters…

    …you have to check to make sure the chair is still behind you when you go to sit down again.

    With the ball bearing design, your chair will roll better than it ever has before. When you go to sit, make sure your chair didn’t roll away from you first. The smoothness of the rollerblade style casters lets your chairs move with ease. So easy it may have rolled away when you stood up!


    There are some things to consider before you go and buy new casters…

    Is the rest of the chair in good working condition? Is it still comfortable? Is the fabric cracking and tearing? Are the arms still snug or are they falling off?

    While you may want to just replace the casters, if the rest of the chair isn’t in good working condition – new casters won’t fix it all.

    What kind of casters do you want? Are you looking for the exact same as the chair had before (the ones that just broke and stopped working)? Or are you looking to upgrade your old casters to a quieter, smoother version?

    Some chair companies do provide replacement wheels for your chair. But consider if you really want to just replace them with the same wheel that just caused this headache for you.

    What size casters would fit your chair?

    The Tech Team’s casters fit 98% of all office chairs with the 5/16” stem size… that does leave the 2% of chairs that they do not fit. Check first!


    How do you change over to the new casters?

    Swapping the wheels is far easier than you expect. All you have to do it pull hard to get the old ones out and then push the new ones in until they snap in.

    Sometimes when removing the old casters, they feel stuck and are just not coming out when you pull. Grab a flat head screwdriver, use it as leverage to pull the old wheels out.

    From there, simply push the new wheels in.


    How can you obtain Tech Team’s Office Chair Caster Wheel Set?

    Tech Team has made it as easy as possible for you. They have made this product available on Amazon.

    To order them, simply

  • click here[end link] to be taken to the Amazon product page.

    Also, this product is eligible for Amazon Prime members to order with free shipping!

    If you are looking to fix your office chair and not to have to buy and assemble a new one…

    If you want to upgrade your existing casters to durable, smooth, easy to use polyurethane casters, then order a set of

  • Tech Team casters[end link] for your chair.