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Tech Team Granite Countertop Bracket: 8” x 6”

Countertops contribute to the aesthetics and overall appearance of your kitchen significantly. A clean and neat countertop makes your kitchen look sleek, whereas an untidy and messy countertop results in a messy kitchen. Indeed, countertops are beautiful and trendy, but their overall appearance and function is impacted by the manner in which they are supported. Though many kinds of brackets are available from manufacturers such as Fastcap, Ego Bike, Elkena Millwork, 7 Blacksmith, and Wholesale Hidden Granite Brackets, hidden ones are the best choice because they remain completely concealed.

The Tech Team granite countertop bracket

offers unequaled structural support to heavy countertops of various materials including laminate, concrete, marble, and quartz.  Featuring a solid one piece construction and superior quality, this product can be regarded as the gold standard for countertop brackets, and is widely utilized by kitchen remodelers, interior designers, contractors and other professionals. Moreover, its completely concealed installation also increases the available space making kitchen work more convenient and hassle-free.

Tech Team’s countertop bracket is designed to be used to add additional support to existing countertops and for new installations. You can mount it directly to a stud through the mounting holes. The bracket is finished off professionally with a durable powder coat finish. With bevels at 35 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical tips and three supporting holes along each leg, this countertop bracket is highly recommended for traditional and modern kitchens. Generally, installation conceals the brackets, but they can be used in applications where they will be visible such as support shelves that carry heavy loads.

This package contains four brackets, each of the same size. For a different dimension, browse the product range on Teach Team ‘s website.

  • Sturdy single piece construction that with a formed corner joint that will not break
  • Ideal for use with granite, quartz, laminate, limestone and marble counter tops
  • 4 brackets are included in the box
  • Smooth finishing and available in a handsome black color for a sleek and trendy look
  • Offered at an affordable price and sized at 8 inches x 6 inches
  • Required hardware included in the box
  • Qualifies for free shipping if certain terms and conditions are met

Solid Construction

This countertop bracket for granite countertops features a solid, single piece construction. The product contains no welds, so it will not break like other brackets. Moreover, all edges are beveled for a professional finished look. Thus, each countertop bracket provides firm and secure support for heavy loading up to 250lbs.


The material used for this bracket heavy duty steel which allows it to bear excessive loads in the range of 250 lbs. Each bracket is further coated with a powder coat finish for resistance to rust and corrosion.


The Tech Team granite countertop bracket has been designed for overhanging counter support. When properly installed and fixed in place, the bracket itself remains concealed which gives your counter an elegant and clean look.

Though the bracket can bear stress of around 250 lbs, the overall capacity depends on the manner in which it is mounted. Generally, it must be supported by a wooden structural member of at least the same load bearing capacity. Also the screws used for fixing must be long enough to pass through the bracket and into the supporting member.


Using this superbly engineered countertop bracket with a powder coat finish in your kitchen has the following advantages.

  • Superior support – this countertop bracket can support a weight of 250 lbs and even more if you install multiple brackets, providing your countertops the support to withstand heavy loading. Thus, there are less chances of them breaking, and hence, you can avoid costly repairs.
  • Hidden – this bracket remains hidden, which results in a more roomy environment, and of course, you do get more space for all those never-ending kitchen tasks.
  • Tough – this bracket is made from heavy duty steel, and is 12 mm thick. Plus, its powder coat finish and multiple mounting points ensure added strength.
  • Safe – featuring a sturdy body and a direct mount feature, this granite countertop bracket can be installed safely. Moreover, there aren’t any protruding parts that can get in your way and make work inconvenient.
  • Easy installation – the countertop bracket can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Affordable – Available at an economical price, this countertop doesn’t strain your pocket.
  • Complete package – all necessary hardware is packed into the box and shipped with the product.


The size of this granite countertop bracket is 8 inches by 6 inches by 12 mm thick. Each bracket can withstand a weight of 250 lbs. Countersunk holes, each with a diameter of 0.25 inches or 6 mm, have been pre-drilled for a flush fit.

This product includes 4 brackets along with necessary hardware.