Tech Team Pry Bars | 5 Piece Pry Bar Set

Tech Team: 5 Piece Pry Bar Set

Pry bars are such handy tools— But only if you select the right ones. Pry bars are available in many different styles, offered by a horde of brands for example: Craftsman, Stanley, Tekton, Mahew, Kobalt, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh. We’ve tried out so many of these already, and by far, our favorite set is the offered by Tech Team

Tech Team sells a complete 5 piece mechanic’s pry bar set of varying sizes. Each of these has an angled tip at one end, which makes prying, levering, lifting and nail pulling fairly easy. The square bar is made from carbon steel, and with a soft, durable polypropylene handle. This ensures a strong, comfortable and secure grip, no matter how tough the job!

This 5 piece pry bar set by Tech Team is definitely ideal for shifting, prying, and levering heavy loads at the workshop, garage, repair shop, farm, or a construction site.

  • Includes 4 pry bars and 1 rolling head bar
  • Made from hardened and tempered carbon steel
  • Angled tip for greater leverage
  • Chiseled end, allowing the pry bar to slide into tight spaces
  • Comfortable oversized grip
  • Black electroplate finish to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Sizes
    • Pry bars: 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches
    • Rolling head bar: 15.5 inches


Select your favorite bar from multiple sized ones

Since pry bars are used so often, having a set is highly preferable rather than limiting yourself to just a single bar of one size. Tech Team’s 5 piece set contains pry bars of 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches in length. The fifth component is a rolling head bar with a length of 15.5 inches.

With four different sizes to choose from and an additional rolling head bar as well, work becomes extremely convenient and hassle free.

Mechanic Pry Bar

This set contains 4 pry bars of varying sizes. Each of these has an angled tip which provides greater leverage when working in narrow confined spaces like in the engine compartment of your Ford or Chevrolet or with heavy equipment like a Komatsu or Caterpillar excavator. The chiseled tips are sharpened and easily glide into tight crevices, making separating the parts an effortless process.

Plus, each pry bar is equipped with an oversized polypropylene handle which provides a comfortable grip even under heavy stress applications.

Rolling head pry bar

The rolling head pry bar, also known as a lady slipper bar, has a length of 15.5 inches, and ends into a high leverage hook on one side and a tapered fine point on the other. The hooked end is ideal for lifting and prying heavy equipment whereas the tapered fin end can be used as a drift pin for aligning parts when assembling.

Enjoy a sturdy and long-lasting set of tools

Tech Team is one brand that has always been famous for its quality. Like all their other products, this set of pry bars is also superbly designed and constructed from electroplated carbon steel.  The rolling head bar is additionally coated with a durable powder coat finish for greater longevity.

Simplify and speed up work with a quality design

The tip of these pry bars is chiseled and angled. This makes it really easy to wedge the bar between different objects when separating various components or demolishing a product. The angled tip ensures that you enjoy the maximum possible leverage in the minute cracks and crevices that exist between components.

The rolling head bar has also been crafted well to make work easy. The end is hooked and has a tapered alignment so that you can easily lift and pry heavy parts.

Grip comfortably and securely

Each pry bar is equipped with a comfortable polypropylene handle which offers firm grip and is resistant to volatile solvent stains and other chemicals. The material ensures that the bar can be held comfortably and securely in the hand without slipping.

Each bar is both strong and lightweight so you can hold for as long as you want without experiencing any wrist strains.

Enjoy complete guarantee… every time

Tech Team’s products are already of high quality so you shouldn’t have any complaints. Nonetheless, they still come with a warranty, and you can also reach out to their customer service team with any questions.

Free shipping available

Each piece is shipped with a protective plastic cap so that it doesn’t get damaged in any way.


Order this 5 piece pry bar set today— it definitely is the perfect addition to your tool kit.